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Parental Child Abduction Recovery Services

At Pegasus Child Recovery, our Parental Child Abduction Recovery Service, is a means in which we locate, secure and return all Internationally Parentally abducted  child or children to their country of origin.

Attempting to have your children or child returned through the foreign jurisdiction’s legal system, can be very costly and very time consuming.

Courts in foreign territories in most cases, will not recognise or observe the decisions made by courts or legal systems of the originating country.


Pegasus Child Recovery, are specialist consultants in International Parental Child Abduction Recovery, and we will recover children internationally. We have a team of expert specialists  ready to deploy at short notice to recover your child or children, quickly and safely.

We will locate your child or children and ensure every precaution is taken care of to ensure they are returned quickly, and safely with as little stress as possible.

Prior to deployment, we will discuss with you all options available and ensure all legalities are covered.


Sadly Parental Child Abductions are on the rise every year. The Hague Convention regarding International Parental  Abduction was created to assist in the recovery of all abducted children and return them to their country of Habitual residence. Although they state they return on an average period of 6 weeks, besides that, this is seldom the case. The Hague Convention is an extremely slow process often failing the left behind parent.

All Hague Convention cases can be resolved much quicker by utilising our recovery service.  We have successfully reduced the average time of 6 months to 2 years on many occasions down to a few weeks.

Our Operatives have spent the majority of their professional careers working in multiple Arduous environments, in various fields of security and investigations around the world.  Their expertise and professionalism is second to none. Your child or children’s welfare and safety is a top priority to Pegasus and our specialists,  this includes our after care assistance, in which we assist in a range of child or family services to help them over come the trauma of their abduction.


If your child has been parentally abducted, contact Pegasus Child Recovery today.

We have the necessary expertise, resources and experience to return your child safely and quickly from anywhere worldwide.

International Operations: 

0035 797761481 or 0034 612282021

The  International Operations numbers, can also be reached via WhatsApp

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