Missing Children

Pegasus Child Recovery are dedicated to getting children home to where they belong. Children go missing under so many different circumstances, but with the internet and social media platforms becoming the best way to communicate, we at Pegasus utilise our following to spread the word when a search for a child is operational.

We search other charity websites and news articles to keep our followers up to date on children missing in their area. If your child is lost and you would like an appeal to be placed across our media platform, please do not hesitate to get in touch, regardless of if we are working on your case officially, we will always report a missing child to help get them home.

The charity Missing People say that two thirds of missing person cases are aged under 18. The cases of missing children in the UK alone is at a record high today but if we all shared more pictures and the stories, children will be spotted and a rescue mission can bring them home.

We at Pegasus provide the links you need to search your area and see what children are missing through other charity websites around you.

Please use the links and take some time to look at these children’s faces ages and area they were last seen in. If you have any information to report on any of these children or you know of someone acting suspiciously and you believe they have a child that doesn’t belong to them in their care, you can call the charity on the website number or you can contact us to help us help the child. Please use our Contact Us page to send any information you may have, alternatively, if you believe the child is in immediate danger, please call the police in the area the child is in.

UK Missing children sites:

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