Benefit Fraud

According to the DWP Benefit fraud in the UK costs the taxpayer nearly 2 Billion pounds in 2017. The local authorities spend thousands each year using their own  investigators to catch benefit cheats.

The most common types of benefit fraud claimants falsely claim are:

  • Claiming benefits while working cash in hand.
  • Moving abroad.
  • Claiming benefits after children have left home.
  • Single parent claiming whilst cohabitating with a new partner.
  • Claiming disability allowance after a full recovery.
  • Sub letting whilst still claiming rent allowance.
  • Claiming after receiving a large inheritance.


With rising costs and low wages benefit fraud is increasing yearly and is putting considerable strain on local authorities.

Pegasus Child Recovery assists several local authorities to investigate benefit fraud as they sometimes lack the specialist operatives to investigate some cases, especially where it is difficult to conduct covert surveillance.



Our covert surveillance has obtained evidence in which it has led to a repayment or a successful prosecution.

For further details on our benefit fraud investigations, contact us direct for fast response.