Background Checks

What information can be obtained from a thorough background check? Information regarding: age, address history, employment history, current marital status, any criminal convictions, debt problems including bankruptcy, judgements. Do they use an alias? Are there any current law suits? Have they been sued in the past? Are there any court orders against them? Is there any history of violence or stalking?

At Pegasus Child Recovery, our thorough background check is a means by which we can obtain information on an individual or company to assist you in making an informed decision whether it is a relationship issue, employee issue or business issue.

The information obtained through our background check service is up to date and current unlike others who provide out of date information. Our investigators are highly experienced in uncovering additional information not normally included in a standard background check. We will leave no stone unturned to provide you with accurate information in a timely manner.

Our background checks are regularly performed during the following investigations.

  • Civil Partnership
  • Relationship queries
  • Matrimonial issues
  • Parental Abductions
  • Employee Screening
  • Business partnerships
  • Fraud


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