About Us

International Parental Child Abduction is on the rise throughout the world each year. The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction was created to aid in the recovery of wrongfully abducted children and bring them back to their place of Habitual residence. Unfortunately, the Hague’s system is a slow and long drawn out process and Local authorities are unable to do more than their limited budget allows them to.


This is where Pegasus comes in. Pegasus was founded in 2015 as a concept to escape the money driven system that currently exists and came into its own as a charity-based organisation in April 2017 after the kidnapping of Marie Eleni from Cyprus.

Our team of highly trained professionals are able to hit the ground running, providing covert surveillance whilst using the latest in technology to track down abducted children and return them safely home. Our Operators have spent the majority of their professional careers working in arduous environments in the field of security and investigations around the world. Moving out of the hostile areas of the world, it was noticed that when it came to International Parental abductions, the majority of companies that offer their services to the families of abducted children are primarily focussed on financial gains and company profit. This is where we, at Pegasus, realised that it was time to use the skill sets that we have acquired over the last 20 years to focus on locating and reuniting abducted children back to their homes and families to their place of habitual residence.

Our biggest hurdle is the cost of operations. Most Child Recovery companies out there, will charge anything from 60-150 thousand euros to commit to a missing child’s case. This can lead to the victim’s family re-mortgaging their homes, taking loans out and borrowing from their close friends and family. After their child is returned to them, this can lead to families ending up in a world of debt for years to come.

We at Pegasus, are committed to raising the funds of operations from the international community. We keep costs as low as possible throughout, and from the funds that are raised, we support the family from the beginning to end of their ordeal physically and emotionally. The funds raised assist the left behind parents with paying court costs, child psychiatry/counselling and overall takes away the financial pressure so they can resume back to a normal life without any added stress.

The founder of Pegasus is the only person to successfully recover a kidnapped child from the Lebanon and Japan, using the methods and operating procedures that Pegasus have installed into every one of its operators. With his successful recoveries throughout the world since 2013, the knowledge, experience and professionalism that is held within the Pegasus foundations is second to none.

We invite you to join the Pegasus Community, to help us on our journey in bringing these children home and would like to encourage you to take a look at our website, with the foresight of future engagement and collaboration between our organisations. It is through the help of charitable donations, that Pegasus is reliant on to meet our primary objective, which is to relieve financial pressures on the victims’ families whilst helping us to spread the word to the world that services like ours exist for those that require us in their hour of need.